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Sales & Leasing Brokerage

The Value and Benefit you can expect from our Services when you need to Sell or Lease real estate

Needs Analysis
Getting the clear picture of our client’s unique needs, objectives, and goals; both immediate and long term. We help clarify motivation and timetables.

Pricing Strategy
Determine the best pricing strategy based upon current economic conditions and market activity. There is a fine line between pricing to list and pricing to sell. We help the Owner set the pricing at a rate that satisfies their return on investment and is perceived fair in the marketplace.

Property Preparation
Advise on any repairs or improvements that will show the property at it’s best potential.

Marketing Strategy
Our office will develop a marketing plan and unique for each property. Our tactics normally include multi-media advertisement, targeted and general marketing campaigns, and mass distribution and exposure to all other brokerages and agents. Our cutting edge CRM and ERP assist us in capturing and qualifying leads or prospects and tracking feedback.

Receiving & Drafting Offers
Our office will assist unrepresented parties prepare offers and help walk them through the process. The flip side of that is receiving offers as presented by other cooperating agents.

Negotiating to Sell or Lease
With the documents drafted in fine detail, we step up our game and begin the negotiation process with our client’s best interests in mind. Our industry prowess and strategic planning greatly benefits our side of the equation during negotiation of our client’s terms and conditions.

The Sale or Lease  
Our clients can leverage our extensive network of service providers that reach into all industries. These contacts are imperative in performing proper due diligence whether it is legal, environmental, appraisal, building systems, code authorities, and more.