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Buyer And Tenant Representation

The Value and Benefit you can expect from our Services when you need to Buy or Lease real estate.

Needs Analysis
Getting the clear picture of our client’s unique needs, objectives, and goals; both immediate and long term.

Assist our clients to arrange financing options by connecting them with the people in the right places.

Aggressive, intensive search for our client’s ideal property. We screen out the “chaff” and provide our clients with opportunities and value that match their specific needs. We realize that your time is valuable and do our best to maximize the efficiency of the process.

Offer Preparation
Our office will prepare all precise, all-encompassing, and detailed Offer to Purchase/Lease, Counter Offers, Letters of Interest and other legal documents during the course of negotiation.

Offer Presentation and Negotiation
With the documents drafted in fine detail we step up our game and begin the negotiation process with our client’s best interests in mind. Our industry prowess and strategic planning greatly benefits our side of the equation during negotiation of our client’s terms and conditions.

Vendor Coordination & Due Diligence
Our clients can leverage our extensive network of service providers that reach into all industries. These contacts are imperative in performing proper due diligence whether it is legal, environmental, appraisal, building systems, code authorities, and more.

Pre-close Preparation    
Our clients benefit in knowing that their transaction is detailed and tracked throughout the entire process from start to finish. Our action plans are set in place to ensure that the right parties are performing the right tasks at the right time. Essentially, your agent will quarterback the transaction and keep you informed on a regular basis. You can count on us to preview and advise on closing documentation, coordinate with both parties and their representatives, and assist in resolving last-minute issues.

You can count on us to preview and advise on closing documentation, coordinate with both parties and their representatives, and assist in resolving last-minute issues.

Post Closing
The commitment to our clients extends beyond the close of the transaction. As our Mission states, one of our goals’ is to maintain long term relationships and we do that by keeping in regular communication and offering guidance in any matters we can.



What is a Buyer / Tenant Agency?    
A Buyer/Tenant Agency is a relationship whereas a real estate brokerage/agent exclusively represents the     best interests of the Buyer/Tenant client.  Most often an agency agreement is executed by both parties as a way to outline the duties and responsibilities of the agent and the client.

How does it work?
We will need to meet with you/partners etc. to determine what your goals, objectives, and business plan are. Next, we review your current (if any) real estate situation and delineate what works and what doesn’t for current and anticipated property. With an agency agreement in place, your needs and wants clarified, we get to work and begin our search for you.  We leverage our vast network within the industry and professional networks to flush our the most suitable opportunities and help short list the ones that move on to showings. We conduct showings, prepare draft documents relative to the purchase or lease of the property and negotiate with your best interests in mind. We can also assist you navigating the permits process, interior space plans, floor plans, construction/renovation estimates and more.

Who pays your commission/fee?
Quite typical of the industry, the Landlord or Sub-Landlord would incur the costs of both agents (brokerage’s) commissions or fees. This fact is quickly determined by our office if there are any exigent circumstances relative to the payment of commissions or fees well before you enter any binding agreement. Keep in mind that some Landlords or Sellers ask the buyer to pay their agent directly, but this is very uncommon.

Will I loose control of my decisions?
No. If anything, you will be more educated about commercial real estate and be able to make the best possible decisions. All final decisions are the clients, so long as they are lawful. The job of the agent is to break down the information into facts and variables, present all possible options and anticipated results to the client and obey the wishes of the client.

Can I deal directly with another agent or private seller?
The Short answer is no. Once we have made the commitment and the agency agreement is in effect,     we ask that if you see a property that you are interested in, or find yourself in discussions with a private seller, identify that you are being represented by an agent and forward my information to the individual. Keep in mind that what you say or disclose to another party may be used against you during negotiations.